My first post!!!!!

6 Sep

Do you know what I noticed when I was trying to find a picture to use for this blog? I noticed that I am literally shorter than every person that I stand next to in my pictures (Not including 3 of my younger sisters). I’m the oldest out of all of my siblings and it’s so ridiculous to have to explain to people that “Yes, that behemoth standing next to me is my 16 year old sister” and “No, i’m not lying about my age! I’m really 20!!!” If I wasn’t in college and I didn’t act like a serious old woman, people would probably think that I was in middle school. I mean, these kids come out of the womb at 6 feet nowadays!!! Now, I’m a senior spending my summer in California trying to make my dreams come true… Well really, I’m just here to do some internships and make some connections in the entertainment industry but,  that’s the same thing as making my dreams come true.  I kind of neglected my first wordpress site because it was mainly started for a class but, I feel like I want this to be a real forum for me to get out my feelings and I want my readers to feel the same way. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and just say how you feel… Believe me, I have no problem with speaking my mind so, DO THE SAME!!!!!! 🙂